Merkur Shaving Brush, Badger Hair Silver Tip, Bright Chrome, MK-1701001

by Merkur

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SKU MK-1701001


MERKUR shaving brush 1701 is the elegant brush in the design of the Futur 701 model in polished chrome. The trimmings made of genuine silvertip badger hair make it an
elegant eye-catcher in your shaving accessories. The basically strong badger hair with the fine silver tips makes your soap foam and massages your face for a relaxing shave.

Noble shaving brush with the finest natural hair for long shaving pleasure. Rinse well after shaving and let dry in an airy place.

Tip: Occasional rinsing out of the soap residue with hair shampoo prevents hair breakage and preserves the life of the brush. The brush fits on stands 4751001 and 4002001

Key features:

  • Shaving brush
  • Silvertip Badger
  • Bright chrome
  • Design and production Made in Germany


  • Material finish: Bright Chrome
  • Packaging: folding box
  • Packaging dimensions: 135x54x40 Product weight
  • (with packaging): 72
  • Product dimensions: 120x28
  • Product weight: 52

Aluminum grip, shiny galvanized chrome-plated. Trimming real badger hair, silver tip.