Men's Grooming Gift Sets

In this category of our website, you’ll get a much better idea of how straight razors / double edge safety razors, shaving brushes, soaps and aftershaves come together according to the average customer’s preferences.

You’ll find two things in this section: the first being pre-packaged gift sets produced by the brands we carry. These gift sets tend to include every element of wet shaving plus a stylish shaving stand to gather the items together.

The other items you’ll find are bundles that have been created by them members of our sales force to guide you on what items your customers are most likely to buy together.

As an added bonus, the members of our sales force will be more than happy to share our sales and marketing strategies with you and your team so you can curate these products to your clientele like a pro. This is a complimentary service.

About Perma Brands: Since 1988, Perma Brands has established itself as one of North America’s premier distributor of wholesale toiletries. What sets us our company apart is our insistence on distributing only premium wholesale shaving supplies.

We carry one of the most extensive line of men’s grooming products which includes everything from straight razors to beard grooming accessories, men’s gift sets and much more.