Merkur 334C HD Set of Double Edge Razor Compact Handle, Chrome Finish, 10 blades

by Merkur

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SKU MK-334001

The Merkur 334 contains of a razor set with 10 blades in a historic plastic box like a showcase. Inside the MERKUR 34C razor is also known among fans under the abbreviation "HD", short for Heavy Duty. This safety razor has earned this compliment over the last 80 years due to its massive weight. But the 34C is also refined and only few other razors can compete with the smooth, comfortable shave this classic delivers!

  • Two-piece safety razor
  • Straight cut
  • Fixed blade gap
  • Closed comb
  • Historic show case
  • 10ct of Merkur Super Platinum blades

The heavy weight of the razor gives more gripping power and smooth shave. The generous blade gap allows high soap flow protecting the razor head from clogging with cut hair or lather residue.

Material: Brass handle, die-casted zinc razor head, surfaces bright chrome electroplated. Synthetic box, stainless steel blades.

Product Details:

Length of Razor Handle – 75mm
Weight of Razor / Item ) – 78g

Gross Weight of Set (g) – 129g

Honorably designed and Made in Germany.