Rockwell Razors Beard Bib and Manicure set Display Bundle

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This retail display includes 4 Rockwell Beard Bib, 6 Manicure Sets. The display comes with a reversible navy/white header.

With header: 10” x 8’’ x 14” (LxWxH)
Without header: 8” x 8’’ x 14” (LxWxH)


Beard Bib

Catch your beard and hair trimmings while shaving and trimming.

No mess and no clogged drains.

It couldn't be easier to use.

Wear it like an apron and use the two suction cups to stick the Beard Bib to your mirror.

Manicure Set

Made from high-grade stainless steel

The Rockwell Manicure Set includes all the quality instruments a man could need to keep his fingernails and toenails in order.

Designed with form and function in mind, this it will keep your nails neat for years.

Includes Nail Clippers, Toenail Clippers, Tweezers, Nail Scissors, Nail File and Carrying Case


Bundle Contents

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  • RR-968596

    Rockwell Razors Stainless Steel Manicure Set (5 piece)

  • RR-965830

    Rockwell Razors Beard Bib


    Rockwell Razors Empty Retail Cardboard Display (Build Your Own)