Fine Accoutrements American Blend Aftershave

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Fine American Blend Classic Aftershave is an elegantly formulated throwback to a time before shaving was refashioned into dermatology.  American Blend is Fine Accoutrement’s flagship fragrance and quite literally captures the scent of shaving. Reminiscent of traditional canned shaving foam. Inspired by Rive Gauche Pour Homme (2003) by Yves Saint Laurent, the scent calls to mind warm cream accompanied by tonic, leather, and chrome.

Key Features:

  • Elegant "Four Ingredient" Formulation.
  • Premium Fragrances with a Barbershop Feel.
  • Contains No Artificial Colors, Emulsifiers, Petroleum, Silicones, Phthalates, or Parabens.
  • Handsome 3.3 oz. (100ml) Glass Bottle.

IngredientsAlcohol, Water, Fragrance, Menthol.

 Made in the USA.