DOVO Solingen Klipette Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

by Dovo

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SKU DV-385006

The DOVO Klipette is small stainless steel, non-electric, rotary clipper that safely and gently removes unwanted nose and ear hair. Simply insert the clipper and twist to rotate the concentric blades. Hair is cut cleanly without being pulled. A superb quality instrument made to the highest quality.


Insert the cutting head of the Klipette with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Rotate the lower cylinder back and forth with your other hand in short rapid movements, and thus hair is cut cleanly without being pulled. To clean periodically, remove the screw to detach the two cylinders and clean the cutting head with water or alcohol.

Dry thoroughly and use a light oil to lubricate. Store Klipette in the plastic tube provided to protect the delicate cutting head.