Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Reserve Hair Powder

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SKU CPF-7010

Introducing Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Reserve Hair Powder

Elevate your grooming routine with Captain Fawcett's 'Expedition Reserve' Hair Powder, a premium styling product designed for both professional and home use. Crafted with precision, this bespoke blend offers multi-dimensional styling capabilities suitable for all hair types, delivering volume, texture, and a traceless matte finish for a range of traditional and contemporary hairstyles.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Styling: Eminently versatile, this hair powder adds volume and texture to your hair, allowing you to create a variety of styles effortlessly.

  • Traceless Matte Finish: Achieve a natural, matte finish without any visible residue or shine, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Subtle Fragrance: Subtly fragranced, the hair powder is ideal for scent layering with other products from Captain Fawcett's renowned 'Expedition Reserve' range, enhancing your grooming experience with a harmonious aroma.

  • Lightweight Hold and Control: Enjoy effective root lift and control with a lightweight hold, allowing for carefree styling on the go without weighing down your hair.

  • Reworkable Formula: A single application can be reworked multiple times throughout the day, making it ideal for refreshing your style after removing a bike helmet, hat, or conquering hair-raising adventures.

  • Compact Tin: Presented in a convenient, compact tin, this hair powder is travel-friendly and perfect for carrying in your backpack, gym kit, or washbag, ensuring you can maintain your style wherever your adventures take you.

Elevate your hairstyling game with Captain Fawcett’s Expedition Reserve Hair Powder, offering versatile styling capabilities, a matte finish, subtle fragrance, and reworkable formula in a compact and portable tin.