Vie-Long Black Horse Hair Barber Shop Shaving Brush

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SKU VL-B0350824


Bringing an authentic wet shave experience to your bathroom just got easier with Vie-Long’s Black Horse Hair Shaving Brush with Barbershop Handle. Vie-Long Horse hair shaving brush handmade by careful artisanal process.

Key Features:

  • Soft yet sturdy horsehair bristles.
  • Traditional handle in stripes of red, white, and blue to mimic the look of a barber pole.
  • Very comfortable ergonomic handle.
  • Creates an incredible lather with every use.
  • It absorbs water well and saturates well with soap.
  • Manufactured by hand.
  • All-natural brown horsehair.
  • Crafted by experts, the brush is suitable for professional use.
  • Overall Length - 110mm, Handle Length - 53mm, Loft - 57mm, Knot - 25mm.

Manufactured and imported from Spain.