Stephan Tropical Breeze 15Oz

by Stephan

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  • Scalp Nourishment: Before shampooing apply liberally to remove excess oil & dry flaky scalp.
  • Perms & Coloring: Stain remover-cleans & soothes skin and scalp after Perms and Colorings.
  • Skin & Complexion Care: Removes excess oil, cleans deep down dirt & makeup, lifts dry flaky skin and soothes & cleans blemished, irritated skin.
  • Manicures & Pedicures: Normalizer & Cleanser. Cleans & freshens skin and nail before and after Manicures and Pedicures.
  • Daily Cleanser: Soothes skin irritation after shaving, eyebrow tweezing, ear piercing, wind & sun burn.  Relieves dry scalp itch.