Lucky Tiger Liquid Face Wash - 8 OZ Bottle

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SKU LT-001104

Lucky Tiger’s daily face wash is rich with a fusion of natural extracts, including:

  • Aloe Vera – Enriched with skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals, and enzymes, the aloe vera extract in Lucky Tiger’s face wash revitalizes the skin to lend you a smooth, supple and hydrated skin. Aloe Vera has healing properties, it contains all-natural moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic capabilities and proves effective against skin marks.
  • Jojoba – Replenishes moisture to your customers' skin while removing dead skin, promotes cell rejuvenation and reduces skin pores.
  • Cucumber – Rich in essential components that aid in refreshing skin, repairing damaged skin and enhancing skin cells growth.
  • Borage Oil – Rapidly absorbed by the skin, borage oil maintains moisture levels, prevents acne breakout and gives a well-hydrated and smooth skin.
Dimension: 3" x 1.8" x 6"