Elvado Classic Shave Kit with Mayan Vanilla Almond Shave Cream and Shave Brush


Elvado products draw their inspiration for quality and charm from excellent shaving products, which is why this soap and brush combination is composed of the finest ingredients, which is why the conjunction with Vie-Long brushes makes this combo a surefire hit with gentlemen that value quality and class. 

This intoxicating Mayan Vanilla soap is vegan, and almost entirely made out of natural ingredients, meaning it holds a classic feel with its nostalgic packaging. Some of the ingredients such as almond oil, which enriches skin for a healthy look, and repels aging. 

Additionally, Vie-Long's horse hair brush is a cruelty-free alternative to Badger or Boar, which makes it a suitable companion for the shaving cream included with it. This brush luxuriously moves soap across the skin and creates a foamy lather that firmly holds the bristles in place but smoothly moves across the skin.  

(150g / 5.3oz.)

This wonderful Elvado shaving cream is made in Canada, the Vie-Long cream accompanied with it is an import from Valencia, Spain.