Dovo Nail Scissor R Sat 4", Curved

by Dovo

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SKU DV-251406

These quality 4 inch Stainless Steel Dovo Nail Scissors have large finger rings and curved blades. They are stainless steel with a satin, or brushed, finish. One blade edge is micro-corrugated, and the fine (almost invisible) serrations help grip the nail while cutting. These nail scissors measure 4 inch in total length, and the blades cut 1-1/8 inch. Imported directly from Dovo in Solingen, Germany.

These nail scissors have a closed shank, which is the length of the handles between the joint and the rings. This is an indicator of a higher quality scissor, because it takes precision and detailed handwork to make the shank fit smoothly together.

These nail scissors are stainless steel. They will not rust in moist conditions and can be sterilized. However, they might be more properly termed “stain resistant,” since they could possibly stain under greatly adverse conditions. The stains are not rust, and will not affect their quality performance.

Compared to a cuticle scissor, these nail scissors are much more sturdy. They have a stronger shank and a heavier screw that will not loosen or break when the scissors are used to cut fingernails and toenails. We recommend, however, that even with a sturdy nail scissors, it is easier on both the scissors and the nail if very thick nails are trimmed a tiny slice at a time.

These nail scissors are forged by Dovo in Solingen, Germany. Forging makes the metal harder so the scissors stay sharp longer. Inexpensive nail scissors are made from soft metal that will not hold an edge.

These quality nail scissors have a screw and are adjustable, and can be fine-tuned when that becomes necessary. Inexpensive nail scissors are often riveted, and cannot be adjusted.