(Discontinued) Dovo Stainless Satin Finished Nail Scissor, Curved, 3.5" T

by Dovo

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SKU DV-56150356

With the DOVO Stainless Satin Finished Nail Scissor, Curved, 3.5" T, we have developed an all-rounder for nail care. Fine work can be done accurately with the spire point while the DOVO hand ground blade guarantees clean cuts. The rounded handle rings rest comfortably on the fingers during longer treatments and makes even the last cut as precise as the first.


This instrument is made of 1.4034 stainless steel. The metal alloy shows good corrosion resistance against soap or moisture and is therefore ideal for the production of high-quality scissors. In addition, the material has good cutting properties and can be ground precisely. The high-quality matte surface can be gripped safely even with wet hands.


DOVO nippers go through a variety of production steps before they are ready for use as a high-quality manicure or pedicure instruments. In order to achieve the most precise results, this model has been hand-sharpened by an experienced craftsman. This ensures maximum accuracy when finishing the complex cutting edge and tip.

Product Details

These scissors are equipped with spire-shaped tips. They are characterized by narrow scissor blades that taper towards the tip. This type of scissor is especially suited to easily complete fine and delicate work making them particularly popular for cutting fingernails or cuticles.


With curved nail scissors, you cut your fingernails into a rounded shape. Then you smooth out bumps and sharp edges with the nail file. Toenails should instead be cut with a straight line so that the nail can not grow into the skin. For people with sensitive or thick toenails, we recommend our nippers in podiatrist quality. They cut your toenails safely and comfortably.

Brand Information

Founded in Solingen, Germany, in 1904, Dovo is recognized for its high-quality shaving products for well over a century, using precision engineering and expert craftsmanship.