In a marketplace packed with shaving soaps and aftershave brands that are made up largely of chemicals that do more harm than good, we insist on carrying premium shaving products that protect and enhance a man’s skin.

Shaving with straight razors or even double edge safety razors puts demands on the skin that only a high-quality combo of shaving soap and aftershave can answer. (if you’d like to learn more about which products our customers like to buy together, be sure to check out our bundles in the Men’s Gifting section).

Just some of the shaving soap and aftershave brands we have in stock include: LEA shaving cream, the legendary Italian brand Omega, Osma, Dapper Dan, Jack Dean, Captain Fawcett’s, Barbershop Classics, Colonel Conk, Elvado, Floid and Myrsol.

Not entirely sure how to market these premium products to your clientele? Perma Brands doesn’t just provide you with wholesale - our team will be happy to share our best sales and marketing strategies with you and your team. Just ask!

Some of the double edge safety razor brands we carry include: Merkur, Wilkinson Sword, Bolzano and Rapira.

About Perma Brands: Since 1988, Perma Brands has established itself as one of North America’s premier distributor of wholesale toiletries. What sets us our company apart is our insistence on distributing only premium wholesale shaving supplies.

We carry one of the most extensive line of men’s grooming products which includes everything from straight razors to beard grooming accessories, men’s gift sets and much more.