Double Edge Safety Razors & Blades

While straight razors are enjoying a renewed popularity among some wet shave enthusiasts, some men just aren’t quite willing to put a full hollow straight razor to their skin, no matter how steady their hands may be.

That’s where our collection of double edge safety razors comes in. The safety razor is perfect for the man who wants the middle ground between cartridge razors and Shavettes.

Some of the double edge safety razor brands we carry include: Merkur (all of Merkur’s blades are crafted with world renowned Solingen steel imported from Germany) , Wilkinson Sword, Bolzano and Rapira.

Want us to train you and your staff on how to market and sell safety razors? We’d more than happy to help. Just ask! We have some very unique approaches we’re sure you’ll love. From free person-to-person training to guides and videos we’ll help you get the best results with your clientele.

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