Hair Care, Combs & Brushes

Men are starting to take notice of better ways to care for their hair and properly maintain their manes (sorry - couldn’t help it). From shampoos to pomades / hair tonics to hand-cut combs and fine-bristle brushes, men are showing that they’re willing to invest more for quality.

We’ve assembled a stellar line of men’s hair care products for you to present to your clientele. (As an aside, if you’re unsure of what to stock on your store’s shelves, look at the Men’s Gifting portion of our site where you’ll find bundles of best-selling items put together by our sales team).

Some of the men’s care product brands we have on our shelves include: Jack Dean Hair Tonics and Shampoos, Dovo thinning scissors, DR Harris cream shampoo and Dapper Dan pomade.

Interested in adding these items to your product line-up? Our sales team is ready to give you and your staff complimentary sales and marketing strategies so your store can curate your way to high-level sales.

About Perma Brands: Since 1988, Perma Brands has established itself as one of North America’s premier distributor of wholesale toiletries. What sets us our company apart is our insistence on distributing only premium wholesale shaving supplies.

We carry one of the most extensive line of men’s grooming products which includes everything from straight razors to beard grooming accessories, men’s gift sets and much more.