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The British Barbers Association (most commonly referred to as the BBA) is the United Kingdom’s preeminent association of barbers across Britain. Since its inception, the association’s goal has been to support barbers, male grooming salons and and foster the professional growth of those entering the trade.

Recently, the BBA has taken the huge step of launching its own line of products in order to finance the association and keep membership free for its members. Since launching, the BBA’s product line has come to include hair gels, face moisturizers, pomades, moulding creams, aftershaves and more. Feeling excited by the potential of this great new brand of men’s grooming products but not quite sure how to present it to your customers?

That’s something our sales specialists can help you and your team with. They’ll happily provide complimentary marketing and merchandising ideas for you to get the most of this brand. Customers who’ve added BBA products to their shopping carts have also purchased Captain Fawcett’s beard oil, Omega horse hair shaving brushes, Dapper Dan matt clay, Floid aftershaves and Kent beard combs.

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